John Stoa creating a masterpiece!

Garden Trees

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A selection of trees suited to the small garden include birch, rowan, Eucalyptus, cherry, Robinia, and numerous conifers. John will show those that he grows as they become established and interesting. New small garden trees that are now beginning to grow are now here including Eucryphia, Amelanchier, Pinus strobus nana, Cordyline australis and the date palm, Phoenix canariensis.

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Eucalyptus gunnii in Dundee Scotland
silver birch tree in the heather garden
Flowering cherry Prunus Amanogawa
Robinia Frisia , a small garden tree with a gold leaf

Lilac Michel Buchner
Lilac Mme Lemoine
Japanese maple Acer palmatum sangokaku

Pinus strobus nana in a Scottish garden

Cordyline australis hardy exotic small tree
Eucryphia Rostrevor with white scented flowers in summer
The date palm Phoenix canariensis

Cordyline australis



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