John Stoa creating a masterpiece!

Outdoor Plants
Beautiful flowers to paint
(click on image to enlarge)

These outdoor plants show the wealth of colour nature can produce when provided with a few home gardening ideas. Interest and colour can be achieved all year round with a wide selection of garden plants growing around the artist's studio.
This Scottish garden is fortunate in that it has a warm south slope, the soil is very well drained and Dundee is Scotland's sunniest town.
John grows a range of small trees suited to the small garden, eg Prunus Amanogawa.

Please continue your walk around the garden with these other links of Garden Trees,
Scottish garden pictures
, Fruit Growing, Hanging Baskets and Tubs, Flowering Bulbs,
Rose Bushes , and the Winter Garden .

A recent development has been the renting of a council allotment garden both to grow a wider range of plants, eg. vegetables, fruit and flowers for cutting for the house. However the great variety of semi derelict garden sheds, fences, glasshouses and other structures has given John a wealth of ideas for a new series of paintings seen here at allotment gardening.

Osteospermum pink
Osteospermum African Daisy
Poppy Ladybird outdoor plant
Poppy pink
Poppy Shirley
brugmansia also known as angel trumpets
Border Carnations Mendip Hills
Autumn picture

Delosperma growing over a wall
Date palm
Leptospermum red damask

Geraniums in the garden border


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