John Stoa creating a masterpiece!

Plum Victoria

Plum Victoria laden with ripe red plums

The plum "Victoria" heavily laden with juicy red plums is a very reliable variety for Scotland and crops well without a pollinator provided the flowers get pollinated by visiting bees.

However I have found that in years when a lot of garden plants are flowering at the same time as the plum, bees may prefer other plants and give the plum a miss.
To encourage their attention I have planted a Berberis darwinii at the foot of the plum. It flowers at the same time and bees just love it.

Successful fruit growing of plums is aided by winter pruning to thin out the top growth, let light into the canopy and assist picking, and a spring feed maintains a balance of growth to fruiting. It is also worthwhile checking it for aphids while growing, and spraying to keep these pests to a minimum.

Plum Victoria is a must in the fruit garden in Dundee.



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